From current hospitality news, food & beverage trends, interviews with event guests, marketing tips and more - Two Chicks, Three Seats will keep you in the loop on all things relatable to anyone in the events industry. Tune in with hosts Kate Kennedy and Rachel Calkins every Friday to catch up on the latest hospitality topics. Two Chicks, Three Seats is brought to you by Tripleseat, the industry leader in event management software. Find out more about Tripleseat at

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Kate Kennedy

Kate has worked in the hospitality industry since she was 15- from bussing tables in high school to bartending in college and grad school, where she majored in fashion marketing and merchandising. Following school, she moved on to a career as a private events and marketing manager because she loved hospitality a little more than she loved fashion. Kate started working at Tripleseat in 2016 and currently holds the position of Director of Growth Marketing. Kate resides on the New Hampshire seacoast with her husband and two wonderful but crazy children. Besides her family and friends, Kate’s loves include bourbon, fashion, old school hip-hop, oysters, IPA, and hockey (enjoyed on their own or all together).


Rachel Calkins

Rachel graduated from the University of Delaware in June 2019 with a degree in marketing. Previously she was part of the Tripleseat team as a marketing intern and loved her experience so much that she returned to begin her professional career with Tripleseat as the Marketing Coordinator. You can find Rachel at Tripleseat’s Party People events all over the United States and Canada and see her smiling face on Facebook Live videos touring the gorgeous venues of Tripleseat customers. In her free time she enjoys watching and playing sports, traveling, cooking, drinking Tito’s & soda on the weekend with friends in Boston and not so secretly stealing gum off everyone's desk.