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Tripleseat's exclusive partnership with TripAdvisor provides you the opportunity to promote your restaurant and grow your business with TripAdvisor Ads and Premium listings. Our partnership lets you purchase Ads and Premium listings with a deep discount just for being a Tripleseat customer. 
Key Tripadvisor Platform Metrics:
  • 5-10% of TripAdvisor restaurant page Visitors convert into Filled Tables/Customers
  • 200 million monthly visits from hungry diners actively searching for their next meal
  • 85% of browsers usually or always reference TripAdvisor before selecting a restaurant
  • 50% of all mobile restaurant page views occur in the user’s hometown (defined as same state)
  • 661 million reviews and opinions – 5 times the restaurant review content as Yelp

TripAdvisor Ads



Drive browsers searching for restaurants in your area straight to your listing with TripAdvisor Ads.



Every day, millions of potential customers visit TripAdvisor looking for a great place to eat. Capture the attention of these potential customers and drive traffic straight to your listing with TripAdvisor Ads. Set up your campaign in minutes for access to exclusive placements targeting hungry diners searching for restaurants just like yours. 

TripAdvisor Ads drive traffic to your TripAdvisor listing by promoting your restaurant in exclusive sponsored placements to a targeted audience of diners searching for a place to eat in your area.

How does it work?

When you purchase a TripAdvisor Ad, we show it only to the most qualified diners searching for a restaurant like yours in your area. This means you’re capturing the attention of a highly targeted audience of diners who are ready to decide where they want to eat.

Where will my ads appear?

TripAdvisor Ads appear across the site on desktop, mobile, and on the TripAdvisor app. Hungry diners could see your ad at the top of the list for your location's home page, your location's category page, or restaurants near them, to name a few. For a full list of everywhere your ad might show, click here.

What will my ad look like?

See for yourself how your ad will appear to potential diners by using our preview tool. Any time your campaign is running, choose "Preview your Ad" under the "Advertising" dropdown in the Management Center to see your campaign.

How much does it cost?

TripAdvisor Ads are charged based on performance — meaning you only pay for clicks that we send to your page. We offer three monthly budget options based on the number of clicks you’d like to receive, or you can set your own daily custom budget. We make it easy for you to set it and forget it since your campaign will automatically renew each month. There's no commitment or hidden fees, either — you can cancel at any time.


Turn More TripAdvisor Visitors into Customers with Premium

With TripAdvisor Premium for Restaurants, you can add powerful new features to your page that showcase your restaurant at its very best.
Prospective diners want to know what they can expect from a restaurant before reserving a table, and they engage with restaurant listings that provide the right content to help them choose the best option for them. The 2017 TripAdvisor Diner Engagement Study clearly indicates that potential customers spend more time browsing the pages of restaurants that offer extensive decision-driving content. Restaurant managers can take advantage of this trend by actively connecting with their TripAdvisor listings; encouraging new reviews, responding to those reviews, uploading fresh photos, and ensuring their business details are correctly listed on TripAdvisor. When all of these elements are combined, they can create a virtuous circle of more customer engagement on the restaurant’s listing, more dining decisions being influenced in the restaurant’s favor, and, ultimately, more reviews and photos being posted to the listing. This additional content can then drive more engagement, setting the cycle in motion again. But it all starts with attentive ownership of a restaurant’s TripAdvisor listing.
In summary, consumers who search restaurants on TripAdvisor are ready to select an establishment or make a reservation. TripAdvisor Premium includes the Storyboard, which is a dynamic visual presentation that showcases a restaurant’s best features and delivers a powerful cross-platform (mobile web, mobile app, desk) first impression. When combined with the other two page optimization features, Top 3 Reasons to Eat Here & Favorite Review, TripAdvisorPremium provides the business with the opportunity to improve its content and customize its presence on the TripAdvisor platform which helps partners better understand and engage with their customers.


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Showcase Your ‘Best of’ Photos + Reviews
  • Diners shop with their eyes — capture their attention with a Storyboard
  • A dynamic visual presentation blending together photos and reviews at the top of your TripAdvisor page
  • Easy to use — create a customized Storyboard in just minutes
Tell the World Why Diners Love You
  • Share your Top 3 Reasons to Eat Here
  • Appears as a new section above your reviews
  • You choose the reasons — and entice potential customers with what makes your restaurant special
Influence the Decisions of Potential Customers
  • Customers make decisions fast — make sure they see your favorite review
  • Spotlight a great experience by another diner
  • Appears in the #2 review space on your page
Turn Competitive Insights into Business-Building Strategies
  • In-depth performance data, spotlighting how your Premium features are helping you build your business
  • Advanced competitive analytics highlighting how you stack up against competitors
  • Actionable data to help you make the best decisions for your business