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We created these free resources to help you market your event space or plan your event with EventUp! From Handbooks to checklists, learn everything you need to know about the events industry.

Handbook Vol 1 - The Value Of Joining A Directory 1.13.34 PM-1
EventUp - Checklist - Event Planner Emergency Kit Essentials
Tripleseat Booking Network - How To Create An Optimized Venue Listing - VENUES & EventUp
EventUp - Handbook - How To Convert Your Leads Into Booked Events
EventUp - Handbook  11 - The 12 Different Types of Event Venues
EventUp Handbook Vol 8 - How To Market Your Venue To International Planners
EventUp - Handbook - How To Create An Events Packet That Will Impress - Cover
EventUp - Event Budget Template
Handbook Vol 2 - How To Optimize Your EventUp Listing
EventUp Handbook - What Your Venue Should Be Doing On Social Media
EIH #15 - Everything you need to know about BEOs
EventUp - Bachelorette Party Planning Checklist
The Event Professionals Guide to Creating a Marketing Plan_Cover Image
EventUp Handbook Vol 5 -  5 Reasons To Add Your EventUp Listing Link To Your Website
EventUp - Handbook - Marketing 101 Marketing Basics For Event Managers
Handbook Vol 7 - Get Your EventUp Listing Ready For The Holiday Season

Seated Magazine - The hospitality industry events magazine

Seated is a unique magazine that focuses on providing event managers in restaurants, hotels, and unique venues with the top trends, tips, and best practices for the event business. This magazine is one of several initiatives by Tripleseat to help build a community in the event management industry. It joins our annual EventCamp conference, the Tripleseat blog, and Party People as a way to bring together like-minded people to discuss, learn and educate on how to plan and grow the event business.

Tripleseat Seated Magazine Fall 2020
Tripleseat Seated Magazine Summer 2021 Issue
SeatedMagazine_Vol4_Fall19_FinalDraft (1)

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