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We created these free handbooks to help you market your event space and plan your event with EventUp!

Handbook Vol 1 - The Value Of Joining A Directory
Handbook Vol 2 - How To Optimize Your EventUp Listing
EIH #15 - Everything you need to know about BEOs
The Event Professionals Guide to Creating a Marketing Plan
Seated Spring 2018
Seated Holidays 2018
Seated Magazine Spring Summer 2019
SeatedMagazine_Vol4_Fall19_FinalDraft (1)
EventUp - Checklist - Event Planner Emergency Kit Essentials
EventUp Handbook - What Your Venue Should Be Doing On Social Media
EventUp - Handbook - How To Create An Events Packet That Will Impress - Cover
Tripleseat Seated Magazine Fall 2020
Tripleseat Seated Magazine Summer 2021 Issue
Handbook Vol 7 - Get Your EventUp Listing Ready For The Holiday Season
EventUp - Event Budget Template
Tripleseat Booking Network - How To Create An Optimized Venue Listing - VENUES & EventUp
EventUp Handbook Vol 8 - How To Market Your Venue To International Planners
EventUp - Bachelorette Party Planning Checklist
EventUp Handbook Vol 5 -  5 Reasons To Add Your EventUp Listing Link To Your Website
EventUp - Handbook - Marketing 101 Marketing Basics For Event Managers

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