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Loop allows you to collect feedback at any point within the customer journey, engage with them in real-time, and measure their experience by touch point. Loop includes a suite of channels including web, mobile, email, social media and kiosks for collecting feedback and engaging with customers across any touch point and journey – before, during, or after an experience.

These insights can be used to improve training, processes, and more to enhance the customer experience.




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"Tripleseat has given us the ability to give the correct information to guests on the spot. We're not always at our desks but if someone walks in asking about availability, we have the calendar on our phones and can answer right then. If someone on our team goes out of town, no problem. The conversation log in Tripleseat keeps all members of the team in the Erin Juache know and able to respond to guests in anyone's absence."

Erin JuacheLettuce Entertain You

Lisa FloresColumbus Hospitality Group

"What I love about Tripleseat is that it's so easy to use and is extremely efficient. Our new assistant was able to learn the system within a half hour. We didn't have to spend any time handholding with new staff to teach the tools."